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Remedial Massage

Targeted treatment to alleviate the pain that comes from injury, aches and strains.These sessions open with a full assessment and dialogue about your current issues and worries. We work on the muscles, tendons and connective tissues to assist in injury, pain management and rehabilitation. Massage pressure can vary depending on what is required.

Techniques and methods that may be used during this treatment include hot stones, vacuum cupping, dry needling, stretching and trigger points.

Please see additional services for add ons to your treatment. On the spot HICAPS claiming is available with this treatment.


60 minute session - $90
90 minute session - $130

Relaxation Massage

There’s no need to wait until our bodies break down to show them some love and nurture. You might be ache and pain free, but a relaxing massage might be just what you need, to keep your body feeling energised and functional!

Our relaxation massage is a gentle and intuitive experience, designed to alleviate stress and promote a rest state, leaving you feeling fresh and light.

The use of hot basalt stones can really enhance your ability to relax, and may be used during your session.


60 minute session - $90
90 minute session - $130

Chakra Body Balance

The Chakra Body Balance is all about bringing your energetic body into alignment through your Chakras.
Your session begins with selecting the crystals that are resonating with you in this moment. The crystals are then placed in a heart bowl with essential oils, and placed under the headrest, to infuse your experience with their therapeutic benefits.

Through gentle massage techniques, we aim to clear any blockages and open the flow through your chakras, restoring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

This service is coming soon. Please contact us for any enquiries.


To be confirmed

Tension Remedy Treatment

There’s nothing worse than a persistent headache.

This is a targeted massage with the intention of easing the tension that causes headaches.

This massage centres around the head, face, neck and decolletage.

Whether from jaw clenching, strained upper body muscles, neck tightness or other issues, we’re looking to bring you relief from your aching head and give you a reason to smile.


$65 as a standalone treatment
$35 when added to another treatment

Add Ons

Add some extra love to your session…


There is an energy that sits beneath our physical bodies. A life force energy that sustains us all. When it is depleted, we are more susceptible to illness and stress.

Reiki is used to restore our life force energy via transference through the hands of the Reiki Master. It is the channelling of positive energy from one being to another.

It addresses the mental, emotional and spiritual and creates an environment that promotes healing and wholeness.

Duration: 15 mins.

Cost: $20

Meditation and Reiki

With Chakra stones placed on the body at each of the Chakra points, soft meditative music will guide you into a peaceful reverie. 

As you soften into your meditation, Reiki is performed across your 7 energy centres to aid in alignment, and release any unhelpful energy.

Duration: 15 mins.

Cost: $20

Tension Remedy Treatment

This is a targeted massage with the intention of easing the tension that causes headaches.

This massage centres around the head, face, neck and upper chest areas.

Whether from jaw clenching, strained upper body muscles, neck tightness or other issues, we’re looking to bring you relief from the persistent agonies of your aching head.

Duration: 30 mins.

Cost: $35

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your address not advertised?.

For our family’s privacy, the address is confirmed only after a booking is made.

Can I claim private health rebates on the spot?

Yes, HICAPS is available on the spot..

How much is the rebate for private health insurers?

Each insurer and cover level is different and you will need to contact them to find out their rebate amounts.

Can I claim for relaxation massage?

Some insurance providers allow claiming for relaxation. It is best to contact your insurer directly to find out if this is applicable for you.

Will the hot stones sit on my skin?

No, the hot stones are in constant movement all the time.

Do you perform Reiki even if I don’t ask?

No, Reiki is considered an additional service and is only performed if pre-booked, so as to ensure there is sufficient time and payment is made.

Do you do mobile massage?

Emergency mobile massage is available with us. Fees apply. Please get in contact for further information.

What happens if I arrive late?

All sessions have a designated time and it is not always possible to extend this to accommodate lateness. In special cases, and when time allows, it may be accommodated. This will be at Knots Begone’s discretion.

What happens if I don’t show up?

We understand that life is unpredictable and things pop up. We ask that you contact us if you’re going to miss your appointment, so that your time slot may be given to another client. Clients who fail to show up to their appointment will be charged a strict $50 no show fee.

What is your cancellation policy

If you are unable to attend your appointment, we ask that you give us a minimum of 4hrs notice. If you fail to do so, a strict $50 fee applies. This will be required to be paid prior to your next booking.


HICAPS claiming available.

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