Recovery and respite for women’s wellness


Your body is unique and we know one massage doesn’t fit all 

That’s why we offer a range of techniques and methods to integrate into your session. 

We want to respond to your body’s current needs, and adapt any treatments accordingly. Your session will always be tailored to best suit your changing needs and ailments, so you feel adequately seen and nurtured.

Our bodies hold the weight of all our stress, tension, emotions and thoughts.
It can be our best indicator that we need to address something in our lives. Or our first indicator that we’re struggling or overwhelmed.
It can be easy to move out of balance and feel the impact as pain, tension and tiredness.

Thankfully, our bodies are intuitively geared towards healing. Sometimes all they need is a helping hand (or two)!

Ready to give your body some much needed attention?

portrait of michelle knots begone remedial massage

Meet Michelle

My approach to massage therapy integrates a range of tools and techniques to help keep your
body healthy, functional and mobile.

Stay connected with your health and wellness


Potential Massage Benefits

Relief from aches and pains.
Experience energy balancing and blockage clearing.
Relaxation and sleep improvement.
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HICAPS claiming available.

Located in Berwick, Victoria
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